Monday, January 22, 2007

Probably my last word on Oinkster, Eagle Rock

I had eagerly awaited the chicken at Oinkster as I think their salads are lackluster and I try to avoid over consumption of pastrami and hamburgers and any consumption of pork. I wanted this chicken to sing to me as it is available about two blocks from the sprats’ school. And while the fries are not the best I’ve ever had in my life, they are good enough for Eagle Rock and the self righteous plan was to pair them with roasted chicken and NOT pastrami. I was thrilled to see that on Saturday, the chicken had arrived and that it is available in dark meat form, accompanied by the decent cabbage salad and the good enough fries. The kids ordered burgers which I guess are above average but don’t send my heart aflutter and milkshakes, which were made rich and delicious with Fosselman’s. The chicken arrived too. It was pallid and flabby. Very similar to the foil wrapped warmered chickies you can get at any supermarket, except there was no cellophane melted onto it. So the fabulous long anticipated chicken cooker has finally arrived. And they still ask for your name when you order and then give you a number to take to your table, which for some reason bugs the heck out of me. Also, the Chowhound entreaties for some interior beautification (I believe one of us put it quite aptly with “friggin ugly”) have been entirely ignored. And for all the nifty bottled soda pops, there is not one diet beverage.

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Fionnch├║ said...

Himself adds, typically apropos of nothing except his own random collisions of neurons...One of my new Irish words is "oinseach," which a little dictionary ranked among the essential 1500 words! It means "foolish woman or girl." (The dictionary includes also "amadán," or male fool.) Oinseach for my mnemonic connects with Oinkster.