Monday, January 15, 2007

Archived Post-The Melting Pot--per the kids.

The kids really wanted to try the new Melting Pot (chain) restaurant in Pasadena on Wednesday. It was too crowded to get a table and we were seated in the bar where we were limited to ordering cheese and chocolate fondue. The kids chose a cheddar/Gruyere mixture which was substantially greasy and flatly flavorless. This was accompanied by cubes of stale utterly undistinguished bread, and a bowl of what appeared to be the trim from one of those appetizer veggie platters from the Albertson's which had been sitting a day. Literally, there were misshapen pieces of dried out baby carrots and awkward clumps of dirty celery root. I guess the intention is that these would be improved by an application of melted cheese. The kids ordered a s'more fondue for dessert which was just about as thrilling as the cheese. It came with unripe ill-cut strawberries and hefty hunks of pineapple which was about 3/4 core. The back entrance is through a private door you have to ring, like a gritty speakeasy. The decor airport lounge. The service was perky.

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