Monday, February 5, 2007

101 Noodle Express Puts Himself over the Edge.

I know, that's not hard to do, but nevertheless it was one of those few restaurants I could get the four of us to eat at without too much fuss, although youngsters have to be bribed by Boba from next door AND Fosselman's and now due to some weird Asian horror thing he watched Leo finds himself unable to eat dumplings. Nevertheless, himself and I like the beef roll there very much and find it the quintessential beer food, which is why we always bring a carefully chosen beer with us.

The waitress struggled as I tried to venture into a new dish so-we ended up with noodles with grain, which was sort of like a mild dan dan noodles with shredded spongy stuff. Not bad but a little help with the menu would have been nice, although we are old hands at point and shoot dining.

The place is way more crowded than when we first started going there. The cucumber in rice vinegar was badly peeled and sliced and quite bitter. The lamb dumplings were delicate and satisfying. The beef roll was as good as ever but just when we were tucking into it, a very officious woman presented herself at our table and announced, "We have no license. You can't have beer here." We didn't start arguing about the dozen or so beers we'd enjoyed there previously as I felt no right to pressure them to do something which made them uncomfortable. I did marvel though at why, when we were obviously struggling to understand the menu, at that point someone didn't someone summon this lass to help us translate.

101 Noodle Express (1408 E. Valley Blvd., Alhambra, (626) 300-8654).


FionnchĂș said...

Himself does approvingly note that Herself did, after the Kirin Ichiban bottle was placed on the floor precariously, salvage a bit of the evening. Poured at below table-height, golden lager (and Kirin's the only Japanese I can take but both Asahi and Sapporo are vile) looks exactly-- once it stops foaming-- like tea when imbibed at table-height in tiny porcelain cups.

Those beef rolls demand the sharp contrast of a crisp brew. No head remains in the wee cups, however. And you gotta keep pouring practically for every mouthful. And watch out that the glowering staff is not looking. And note that the glowering customers outside have their faces pressed to the glass waiting for us to vamoose pronto. Last time there for me, that's for sure, unless take-out.

harry said...

Japan. England. Name an Island that has produced good food consistently anyway... and don't give me Ille St. Louis.