Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Yai at the Hollymont Plaza

In that they are close to my place of employment, I like the food and we have known the folks forever, my Thai eating is largely confined to Suriyo and Sompun on Santa Monica Blvd. Because the children’s theater group, after having been rejected my people, has found a new home in the bosom of the Lutherans, I find myself often with time to kill near the Hollymont shopping center, the one graced by Jon’s Market, Fatburger and that store where all the moms rush to pick up those emergency white shirts for school performances. When I was a kid my dad and I used to order Green River for a big green fountain from the Woolworth Five and Dime where the Rite Aid is now. I have not been brave enough to try the fish and chips place but I have made it into Yai twice now, once for dine in and once for carry out.
It’s an ugly restaurant with too much sort of mean spirited signage like "Cash Only" and the menu indicates that drinks ordered without ice will be charged double. Little not warm nor fuzzy touches like that were sort of a turn off, but there are a couple of really excellent, if not mind blowing dishes. I like the dry egg noodles with duck a lot. More adventurous diners may gravitate towards the wild boar on the menu, but while we are loosening our kosher standards a bit, this is just beyond the pale. The thing I liked the most though was a simple apple salad with lemon juice and chiles. Really refreshing. The chicken sates were nice but not as good as the ones at the Hollywood farmers market, and oddly served with diagonal slices of commercial white sandwich bread. I brought home a pornographic fried trout for himself and despite 20 minutes in traffic, it was crispy on the outside and truly moist and flavorful on the inside when it hit the table. The barbecued chicken was on the sweet side but not lacking in complex and slightly funky flavor.
The service when we dined in was quite slow and a bit confused. When I ordered carry out though, the order was prepared quickly, well packaged and complete. Overall, if you don’t need love with your food, this is really good take out resource with easy parking, which more and more effects my dining decisions.


FionnchĂș said...

Porno fried trout: like fish (as in chips) on steroids. Good stuff, a bit of a bone here and there naturally and the skin did not separate from the inside of the batter, but a pleasure to gobble up with a Belgian Wittebier, a nice white floral lager from Trader Joe's and the only beer I drink in a can. Little 11.5 oz. cans.

babaco said...

hmm, the sate comes with white bread at sanamluang ... i've grown quite attached to that sort of plating.

in the same ugly strip mall, next to the h. salt fish and chips, is a mexican taco place which is really an ecuadorean restaurant in disguise. it's an absolute dive - we'll eat there, but we won't take SO's ecuadorean parents there. i think i'm in guayaquil everytime i go. try the balon de verde (a ball of green plantain) and ask for mixto (cheese and pork). we always get the lentils and carne. empenadas are a good choice, if available.