Monday, April 16, 2007

At Long Last, Kellogg Ranch

Driving back from the Springs I spontaneously stopped at the Farm Store at Cal Poly Pomona after years of curiousity. The first thing on my mind was Dr. Bob’s ice cream. I was happy to see a pumpkin flavor I’d never seen before and the ultra illusive Brown Sugar Strawberry Sour Cream. There was a decent selection from beef and lamb raised there on the campus. Alas, I had no portable cooling device so my shopping, while extensive, was confined to non-perishable products.

There is some of the typical overpriced bullshit high end pretty food gourmet stuff but there is really an ample selection of some interesting jams and salsas made at the farm itself and even something called Pecan Coconut filling which might be a good brownie topping in the future. We also filled a jar with delicious local honey from an awesome looking vat.

I was under the impression that dairy products from the campus were sold here too but the milk was Broguiere's and the cheese selection was utterly undistinguished. There were some nice local baked goods and I purchased too some gorgeous citrus and broccoli grown there on the campus and a lovely box of local strawberries.

And how cool is it to return from a little vacation and not have to rush out to the supermarket?


FionnchĂș said...

You made my blog a few months ago as I added pics to my 62 total entries with this pic of you in your element. Hope you had a blast, although I suspect that the root beer licorice was not locally grown by aggie majors.

Anita (Married... with dinner) said...

Hiya -- we were at the farm store yesterday and they told us that all the bottled stuff has no connection to the ranch or the students at all. The shop manager said: "Oh no. We just hire a company that puts our label on it."

We didn't expressly ask about the honey, but I have no idea if it's actually student-produced, either. The only things we saw that were actually from the ranch were the meat products.