Monday, June 11, 2007

New at the Atwater Farmers Market

Because I'm such an early bird I usually do the Hollywood Market but Atwater, which starts at ten, is really great because the parking is so easy and the selection gets better every week.

I was thrilled to see the South Central Farmers--who believe in growing their vegetables BIG and selling them CHEAP and nothing is ever short of delicious--have a booth now with wonderful greens and radishes. Delmy, the famous Pupusa maker at Hollywood has sent her absolutely adorable daughter to spin off a satellite in Atwater. There was no line this week but I predict that shortly to change.

I have never tried the locally roasted coffee sold at Atwater because I am turned off that samples are served with non-dairy creamer. Is it worth tasting anyway?

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FionnchĂș said...

The strawberries the past two weeks and this week the cherries too have been tremendously flavorful. Kicks the Hollywood Farmer's Market's toned ass! Grrrreat froot, toot sweet.

Thanks to the blogger Herself for getting Himself to gobble his share of his 5 servings of fruits and vegetables (ha!) daily. I try to make up with berries what I lack in greens.

Blame it on my nearly officially recognized condition, therefore insurable and pharmaceutical and open to all the inflated costs and exaggerated treatments as the other 56,783 checkboxes on the doctor's chart, Sensory Integration Disorder (SID), or in my wife's terms: "and here all along I thought you were just acting like an asshole."